Planning and execution

Planning and execution, both of them are equally important for success. I always wanted to share my feeling on different issues with people, I have planned a lot .. now I am trying to execute . share my feelings on different issues with you all … so keep visiting ..

I plan to discuss many things out here … some of the posts will be related to entrepreneurship, career guidence, social issues, giving back to society etc ..

I used blogger earlier but thought migrating to wordpress would be a good idea. Previous posts are posts migrated from Blogger to wordpress.

God Bless …


Bad news

I am back again with some sad news. One of our alumunus was killed few days back and yesterday/today was a very very hectic day for all of us. Deciding the plan the protest and operationalizing it was not at all easy .. specially controlling peoples' emotion .. Thanks to all .. Kartik, Bhau, Tuhina, Kunal, Satya, Nishant, Butalia, Anhsuman, Shaurya and everyone else. These images were taken during our silent candle march ….

I am here to put down the link to the petition supporting Manju's cause, please support by putting your signature by clicking the following link

Any help would be returned with interest … sign it and forward it to your friends …get it signed by atleast 10 of your friends ..

God Bless …



Well I had thought of putting my blog name as, but there is one site with this name so I chose to put ideazunlimited :-), the meaning that I wanted to convey is getting conveyed so this name should also work.

why ideazunlimited, because I keep on boring my friends with my ideas (Innovative and having big business potential !! atleast I think so ) and most of these ideas are so called new economy ideas (read .com or a mix of both the models)..

".com", because I am a firm beleiver in power of internet/technology. It acts as an enabler, and how much you gain out of it depends on how you use it.

Over a period of time, I plan to discuss many things out here, most of them would be related to business, entrepreneurship, my life here in my B school and social development.

Well, recently I convinced two of my batchmates to form a team and write a business plan .. after quite a lot of efforts we completed the plan few days back, now it has been submitted for one of the competitions .. lets see what happens….. I would request you to pray for my victory … any help would be returned with interest 🙂

The photo shown here was taken on a trip to hogenakal in TN .. This is a place near to Bangalore and I was in Bangalore doing my summer internship during that time.

I hope to see you all soon with more updates ..

take good care of yourself ..
god bless …